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Umlaut - St. Vitus Dunce EP

    •  mikemike
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    •  GarethGareth
    • " Too many bands are po-faced when naming songs, if they don't mean anything, don't call them Permutations or something like Prometheus is Gathering Thorns just slip all you and your sad mates' injokes in there"

      A subject very close to the hearts of Flatlands/The Slow Blade. And every other band you've ever been in.
    •  mikemike
    • Absolutely. No point being serious when nobody gives a shit hmm?
    •  Big SiBig Si
    • "it means people won't think you're a bunch of serious bellends and will probably listen to your music with less fuss"

      It also means that reviewers who complain about the silly song titles will look like serious bell-ends themselves. Use of the word "puerile" gets extra bell-end points.

      Although I think Flatlands probably earned some of our own for being so dedicated to stupid song titles that the track listing of Black Sluice was itself a joke that we thought people would get but nobody did.
    •  rickinoppositionrickinopposition
    • Fun little mathy EP; enjoyed the review a lot too.
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    •  mikemike
    • This was indeed ace and is one I've returned to as well.

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