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5ive - Hesperus

    •  Matt_tgpgMatt_tgpg
    • Nice review man, it was about time someone reviewed this. I said I’d do it eons ago, but laziness prevailed! Well written little piece… You hit the nail on the head, it’s a far more succinct beast.
    •  Th@ GuyTh@ Guy
    • Fair play.... i ordered a Jesu t shirt millenia ago from the world of hydrahead and when it arrived it had a small multitude of compact discs in it... complete with this amongst others (austerity program, pyramids pre release + steve brodskys octave museum) and out of the lot of these 5ives was the one that i kept coming back to. really enjoyed it. i rate it a lot more than heamophiliac dream.
    •  griefhoundgriefhound
    • I'm well into this record. I love 5ive anyways, but I think this one shows some cool developments with their sound. They're a mysterious bunch though aren't they. Do they gig at all?
    •  mikemike
    • Yeah but they haven't toured in a while.

      We played with them at Corp and it was incredible.
    •  EggyEggy
    • 5ive are a band i've still not yet got into, i have one mp3 of theirs i've had for years, but they seem so distant. Most purchases of mine are bands i see live and as you say they ain't toured for a while. I remember a few years back they did or didn't play derby vic, that's the closest i remember.
    •  lplp
    • oh yeah
      OBIAT played with 5ive@the underworld

      back in da days

      was good one

      great artwork too

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