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I wanna play drums in a band!

    •  MatthewRedStarsMatthewRedStars
    • Yeah, I wanna play drums in a band! Maybe the wrong bored for this but who knows...

      Bad news: I'm a complete novice... I can keep various basic beats and throw in a few cymbals and wonky fills.
      Good news: I've taught myself in only a few hours, so I reckon in a few weeks i'll be solid enough to play with others. I think I'll improve pretty fast once I have a reason to push myself. I've helped write drum parts for other bands so I know what i'm *meant* to be doing... my limbs just won't obey at the moment.

      Anybody want to have a jam with me?

      Ideally I'd wanna do something along the lines of slightly-pretentious fast hardcore (skills allowing). My other new band is drfiting more down the Dischord-indie rock road so I want to do something more straight up and brutal, but not too knucklehead, maybe early Husker Du, Articles Of Faith etc.

      I'm from Leeds but would travel to Manchester/Sheffield if it sounds good.

    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • I ca highly recomend it three practsies in I totally am loving it. Get Kev on vocals... be even better!
    •  MatthewRedStarsMatthewRedStars
    • Erm. We'll see!

      I am excited about this though....
    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • It is fun I get the stablizers taken off my kit next week...

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