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    •  mikemike
    • Up to now, number 4 seems quite easy!
    •  LaddethLaddeth
    • I may be a giant computer nerd, but I hate beat-em-ups with million key combos.
      I've got better things to remember.
    •  LaddethLaddeth
    • I just completed Mass Effect. It's worth it just for the cool end credits music ;)
      I played through as a goodie-two-shoes and missed out on all the sex though so I'm gonna have to play it again as a total cunt and pass on my space seed relentlessly
    •  noonenoone
    • Laddeth says:
      pass on my space seed relentlessly

      some day , somewhere , me and you will be in the same band and this will be the name of the first track on our album
    •  grinderno1grinderno1
    • GTA IV - technically astonishing but repetitive as hell, driving missions are far too hard, shooting missions are far too easy. the first time you get in a helicopter and just fly straight up as high as you can go will stay with you forever as a benchmark in gaming history though, to be fair...

      Assassins Creed - dullest game ever. apparently they're talking about franchising, god help us.

      Soul Calibre IV - absolutely beautiful to look at same as the previous games but i'll always be a Tekken man myself.

      me and my housemates are currently bouncing up and down like kids at christmas waiting for the 17 days between now and the arrival of The Force Unleashed (already on pre-order) to get over and done with. if the full game is half as much fun as the demo then it's going to be amazing.

      we are also waiting for:

      Resistance II,
      Street Fighter IV,
      Mirror's Edge,
      Motor Storm II,
      MK vs. DC,
      Fallout 3.

      we are, however, all more than slightly concerned that COD: World At War could potentially be as bad as COD III was though, even with the Infinity Ward COD IV engine behind it... :(
    •  DonnyDonny
    • What they're saying about COD3 is that they only had a year to make it, but world at war they've had COD was finished, which is almost 3 years. So fingers crossed it might not be shit.

      Really looking forward to Left 4 Dead. Had forgotten about that till recently
    •  rustyspoonrustyspoon
    • Apparently from monday the 8th september to sunday 14 september at Morrisons there will be in there words "a fantastic offer on ps3, wii, xbox360 and ds games

      Here are some of the games on offer.

      Wii Games £15 including:
      Mario Cart (Inc wheel) was £34.99
      Mario & Sonic Olympics Was 34.99
      Tiger Woods 09 was £32.99
      Super Smash Brothers was £29.99
      Off Road (Inc wheel) was £24.99
      Wall E was £29.99
      Lego Indiana Jones was £32.99
      Top Spin 3 was £32.99
      Kung Fu Panda was £34.99

      Nintendo DS Games £12 including:

      Spore was £24.99
      Guitar Hero on tour was £29.99
      Kung Fu Panda was £24.99
      Wall E was £24.99
      Imagine Girlband was £24.99
      Sims 2 Apartment Pets £24.99

      X Box 360 games now £25
      Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
      Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
      Too Human

      PS3 games now £25
      Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
      Grand Theft Auto IV
      Soul Calibur IV
      Call of Duty 4
      [Edited by rustyspoon at 13:05 on 07/09/08]
    •  mikemike
    • Cool, I'll be picking up the CoD game I think.
    •  GarethGareth
    • Bit disappointed I sold my DS now, would have got Spore and GH.

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