•  WorthWorth
    • Limbic Riot 2002-2008

      I’ve been in the band just under 6 years now and it’s been awesome watching Limbic grow into the sludge monster I always wanted it to be. We’ve played some killer gigs over the years with some of the best bands in the genre such as Charger, Volition, Lazarus Blackstar and Black Sun to name a few but we all now feel Limbic has finally run its course. We may play a final gig sometime in September and we may also record a few more songs as a sonic epitaph. I will be re-appearing on the extreme music scene in the not too distant future and the rest of the guys will be carrying on with a new project which I may be part of. Thanks to everyone who’s ever helped us and supported us over the years and a big thanks to Gregson and all the other past members.

    •  Tom PTom P
    • That's a damn shame. You guys were ridiculously good and criminally underrated. One of the thickest and nastiest live sounds of any band I've ever seen. You'll be missed.
    •  FreeneyFreeney
    • Bad do. Was good playing with you guys at Future Noise/Sleeping Shaman.

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