ninehertz Podcast 244

Fri 23rd February 2024


/incoming/panwhipod.jpgIt's Friday! Get silly with us! Some seaside sludge, French unpleasantness and some incredible death metal thrown in there.

Get a load of this, we're spoiled every week:

Edhochuli - Questionably Paleo, Incontrovertibly Neanderthal

Asphalt - Flame Thrower

The Exorzist III - Cygnal

Panikatax - Fire In The Hole

Fange - Césarienne Au Noir

Hadit - Three Ways Of Death After Gravitational Collapse

Weedow - Weedow

Black Groove - Hate Shit

Esoctrilihum - Iyaszulh

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 244 - New Release Podcast


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