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Fri 15th December 2023


/incoming/9hzlogaoty.jpgWelcome to the ninehertz album of the year list for 2023!

Below is the combined top 50 releases of the year chosen by Mike and myself (Pete), representing those records that shone the brightest. The vast majority featured on our podcast, the new release show clocking up more than 40 episodes and showcasing hundreds of new songs.

It came to my attention that an article I wrote turned 10 this month - Doom Britannica, a charting of the rise of the doom underground in the British Isles. It is interesting to consider what has happened since - I'd suggest that whilst there has been no major international breakthrough, the scene has solidified into something that has consistent quality - and that the best proof is the list below, which showcases stunning albums from bands from these shores that are as good (and varied and innovative) as anywhere in the world.

Anywhere, here it is, out top 50 albums of the year...

The Acacia Strain - Failure Will Follow

Agriculture - Agriculture

Body Void - Atrocity Machine

Cady - Forged from the Sun

Catafalque - Dybbuk

Cerbere - Cendre

Cestode - Flesh

Closet Witch - Chiaroscuro

Codex Serafini - The Imprecation Of Anima

Coffin Mulch - Spectral Intercession

Dead Cosmonauts - Parasomnia

Dead Sea Apes - Rewilding

Domkraft - Sonic Moons

Downfall of Gaia - Silhouettes of Disgust

Dozer - Drifting in the Endless Void

Everson Poe - The Tower

Frogskin - III - Into Disgust

Full of Hell & Gasp - split

Glyph - Imposters Folly

Goat - Medicine

Hellish Form - Deathless

Heroin - Discography

Hey Colossus - In Blood

Homily - Needless Existence Endless Path

Jotnarr - Rotten Fucking Planet

Jute Gyte - Unus Mundus Patet

Kanaan - Downpour

Khanate - To Be Cruel

Lucid Sins - Dancing In The Dark

Machiavellian Art - Indoctrination Sounds

Marthe - Further in Evil

Modern Technology - Conditions of Worth

Orme - Orme

Phrozen - Questioning Society's Secrets

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Land of Sleeper

Ragana - Desolation's Flower

Ratpiss - Misanthropy Now!

Remote Viewing - Modern Addictions

Slomatics - Strontium Fields

Slung From a Tree - Voyage Into Cosmos

Spirit Possession - Of the Sign...

Stomach - Parasite

Stormo - Endocannibalismo

Terminal - R.A.T.S

Thra - Forged in Chaotic Spew

Throth - Six Feet Beneath Me Sleep

Torpor - Abscission

True Home - Black Lotus

Underdark - Managed Decline

Wallowing - Earth Reaper

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