ninehertz Podcast 238 - Top 9 Albums of the Year

Fri 15th December 2023


/incoming/jotrottenpod.jpgThanks for a fantastic year everyone!

To celebrate, Mike and Pete pick their 9 top records of 2023, so in alphabetical order (no order of greatness here), here's our last podcast for the year, see you on the other side people:

Cady - Paid With Blood

Codex Serafini - I Am Sorrow, I Am Lust

Downfall of Gaia - Unredeemable

Dozer - Dust for Blood

Full of Hell / Gasp - Byflower Babel

Jotnarr - Shiteater

Khanate - It Wants to Fly

Slung from a Tree - Untitled

Torpor - Interior Gestures

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 238 - Best of 2023 Podcast


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