ninehertz Podcast 199

Sat 18th February 2023


/incoming/remviepod.jpgWe're well and truly back, thanks everyone who listened last week, this is why we love doing this.

A veritable smorgasbord of amazing riffage, strange sounds and stoner, doom and whatever as usual.

Mike and Pete pick:

Love Gang - Blinded by Fear

Skrying Mirror - Fractals

Finis Hominis - Jukai

Messiah In The Abyss - I’m Hate

Basalt Shrine - The Immutable Eminence of Despair

The Golden Grass - Howlin’

Remote Viewing - Your Opinion Is Wrong

Allfather - Take Their Eyes

Nephilim's Noose - Cloaked in Chain // The Sanguinary Altar

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 199 - New Release Podcast


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