ninehertz Podcast 198

Fri 10th February 2023


/incoming/hoplitpod.jpgWe're back! After a terrible start personally to 2023, we've managed to get together and record our first pod of the year. It's good to be home.

MIke and Pete welcome in February 2023 with the sweet, sweet sounds of:

Pyramid Mass - Wars

Gravehuffer - Blueprint For An Early Grave

Cerb​è​re - Cendre

Arnaut Pavle - With Sulphur Carriage

Frogskin - Of Vermin and Man

Conjureth - Devastating Cataclysmic Unearthing

Ὁπλίτης - Μ​ά​ρ​τ​υ​ς

LIMBES - De Courbes Et De Peaux

Neutraliser - Capsule Bowed Space

The Ninehertz Podcast · Episode 198 - New Release Podcast


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