ninehertz Podcast 163

Fri 18th March 2022


/incoming/dungeonpod.jpgEpisode 163 is here! A mix of grinding fatalism, plunging depths of doom and a sense of dread as is usual for us! Pete and Mike bring you nine of the best tunes every week.

The pair pick:

Norna - Serpent Spine

Gets Worse - Hard Graft

Unru - Der Hauch der Freiheit

Encarsia - Prog Is For The Children

Travo - Land Soon

Bong Coffin - Baelrog

Stomach - Deserve

Dungeon Weed - Gelatinous Vault of Doom

Mang Ont - Esimene Jääaeg

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท 163 Podcast


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