ninehertz Podcast 145

Fri 24th September 2021


/incoming/vomloapod.jpgEpisode 145 of the 9hz podcast is live!

Musically all over the shop this week - from unfathomable industrial black metal doom chaos to electronica rave parties, via grindcore, jazz influenced trad doom and punk.


The Answer Lies In The Black Void - Become Undone (Burning World Records)

Ishigurz - Straight Edge Until Payday

LLNN - Imperial (Pelagic Records)

Invunche - La Cueva Del Brujo (Into Endless Chaos Records)

Big Lad - Big Juggernaut Rave Party (Hominid Sounds)

A Secret Revealed - As I Watch You Perish (Lifeforce Records)

Vomir and Legion of Andromeda - Black Cum Tempest

Múspellzheimr - Selvæder (Amor Fati Productions)

Razoreater - I Despise Us

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 145 - New Release Podcast


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