ninehertz Podcast 98

Fri 9th October 2020


/incoming/eardivpod.jpgIt's nine prime cuts once again as if we inhabit some sort of doom, black metal and experimental butchers. Mike and Pete always strive to bring you the best and we've done it again.

Tracks are:

Dead - Grifted Apart

Thee Alcoholics - Who You Standing For?

Illkynja - Ég er ljósið, eldurinn og upphafið

Static Intervals - Fill The Sky

Earth Diver - Apparatus De Cultus

Lump Hammer - Big Bird

El Escuadrón de la Muerte - Ay Que Me Cago

Empress - Sepulchre

Birdcage - Charlie

ninehertz ยท 98 - New Release Show


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