ninehertz Podcast 89

Sat 1st August 2020


/incoming/icorrupod.jpgIt's been a ripping little week hasn't it? Here's 9 tracks to lose your mind to. We can't quite believe there's still this much great music coming out every week. Thanks for tuning in every week, it means a lot!

This week's tracks are:

Кальк - Bагина

Fox Womb - Under The Pale Moon

Slomosa - In My Mind's Desert

Spirit Possession -Deity Of Knives And Pointed Apparitions

Lammping - Eater

Sky Pig - GIMP

Doch Chkae - Worse Than Dogs

Midnight Gallows - Phase IV

Groak - Nimis

ninehertz · 89 - New Release


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