Intrcptr II

Wed 20th February 2019


/incoming/intrcii.jpgThe two strong membership of Intrcptr come with a lot of history in post metal and doom that makes the pairing an exciting proposition on paper. Guitars are taken up by Ben Carr from the masterful 5ive and drums provided by Larry Herweg of post-metal originators Pelican. Even before I press play, Intrcptr are going to be good, aren't they?

Yep, they are. It's only two tracks long, but enough to get you loose, make you throw some silly shapes and bob around to. There may be an inevitability to the fact that the first, Dusted, sounds like 5ive, particularly Hesperus era, but that can surely be only a positive - we need more of this music out in the world. It is a headrush of heads-down rough-tone goodness.

D.I.W.I.W.Y.L. relaxes the tempo, uplifting, like a loved up post-metal track flirting with Lightning Bolt. It is infectious. The whole release is over in less than ten minutes, and yes, there's little in the way of surprises, but that's not in any way a negative. Intrcptr are the exact sum of their parts and fantastic for it. More please.


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