Ether Seek Through Control

Sat 25th August 2018


/incoming/eherseek.jpg“Shoegaze doom rock” from Ether of London, Seek Through Control appears to be the latest of a few short EP releases, but the first to cross our path, having reached us via Ukraine, and the label Loneravn Records.

We’re glad of it too. While only two songs, and by no means perfect, there’s an airy flight to the ten minutes of recordings that can lock you in, a dreamy state of flow.

The title track opener’s lo-fi, low intensity output gives a psych-ish vibe, particularly through the gently delivered vocals. The repeating guitar lines provide an unaggressive droning sensation, a back and forth stroke of your head before you close your eyes for sleep. It could do more - really lock into a drone to up the doom ante that would provide a grand contrast to the vocals, but then that’s probably just my doom agenda...

It completes with I’ll Laugh When They’re Crashing Down, almost instantly more upbeat. It reminds me most favourably of Sheffield’s Baba Naga, garage rock drive with space rock euphoria.

It is over too soon, leaving me with little left to say except this is a likable release, from a band we hope to hear more of soon.


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