Vampillia Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow

Wed 30th May 2018


/incoming/vamphap.jpgVampillia are an out-there ten-piece headfuck from Osaka, the presumably packed rehearsal space allowing for an over abundance of inputs, stretching from industrial to shoegaze, grind to orchestral.

Think The Body styled confusion and noise, or, based on this super-quick four track EP alone, The Armed, another band who have pushed boundary norms very recently, similarly jumbling the co-arts of heavy as fuck hardcore and synths to illuminating results.

All four songs are less than a couple of minutes each, the whole thing over in not much more than six. It allows for multiple repeat plays, demands it in fact, but while new mini-moments appear from within the layers each time, it is still breathlessly full on even when you feel you are used to what is to come.

Winter Ash is harsh Oathbreaker-mold hardcore, with a buzzing electronica input that exhudes vibrancy, synth and riff blasts together perfectly. Back To... contrasts screams and a manic ferocity with pop sensibilities and a quiet piano ending.

Ggggzzgggzzz is the name of the third track, and also the involuntary noise you emit on first hearing it; an overloaded sensory assault, a battle of black-end hardcore and synth-levity, the relentlessness calling the close tie in favour, just, with the former. Hell PM ends, rabid grind vocals, Rolo Tomassi, Alec Empire and Pig Destroyer blended in a Full of Hell noise set.

It is intense, strange and all over the place. I love it, and so should you.


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