Containment / Working Mens Club Split

Thu 22nd March 2018


/incoming/conwmc.jpgGood old Vetala Productions, you can count on them for releases like this. Ten minutes, blast your head off and depart, giving you new bands to follow in the process. Two London hardcore quartets meet this time, in a bout to see who can outdo the others misanthropic rage.

Containment have delivered here before, and their three tracks are fantastic. A Bargain in Bodies is direct and belligerent blackened hardcore, ferocious intent, really good. Dry Well edges towards powerviolence, mixed with the heavier hardcore mastery of Old Skin, which is of course high praise. Cave Dweller slows things a touch, giving space to breath, a doom air with a head nodding riff, completed by a half minute blast. Not a second wasted by Containment, at all times great.

Working Men's Club are a new name (to me), but predictably one I'm going to keep tabs on from here forth. They manage four tracks in their five minutes, the first setting a template in its freneticism. I may have just made that word up, but fuck it, it fits. They fill all possible output, whether by playing instruments as fast as possible, through the desperate vocals, or added cymbal trill, static, noise or sample.

They're sense-attacking noisy bastards alright. The hysteria in the vocals on Unnecessary and Extreme Violence is followed by twiddling guitar insanity, an unholy (fun) mess. It seemingly becomes more deranged as it goes on, as if the studio has been slow leaking strange gases in throughout the recording process. WMC are filth, and all the better for it.

Out now on download or pink cassette, this is another worthy split of ugly UK hardcore. Go get.


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