Dommengang Love Jail

Tue 27th February 2018


/incoming/dommjail.jpgThe first track I heard by Dommengang perked my interest immediately. I'm Out Mine, the seventh song on their new album Love Jail, is an assured slice of pure 70s rock spirit, mellow verses with Canned Heat styled vocals gatecrashed by psyched up garage rock beat. A full listen of this Thrill Jockey release by the Californians was a necessity.

Dommengang provide gentle flow trip rock of the Black Mountain, Golden Grass, Wooden Shjips modernity. The ocean breeze psych refreshment of Stealing Miles airily passes through with a knowing coolness and forthright approach, whilst Going Down Fast brings in an indie slacker vibe particularly in the chorus, as a whole bringing to mind a concoction of Comets on Fire and The Dandy Warhols.

Elsewhere, there are slim pickings without any particular moment or track to grumble about. It simply passes by a little too easily. There's the nice and chilled instrumental ambling jam of Stay Together that closes, or the quirky retro sound of Lovely Place that has vague Nebula-isms when it gains oomph, but that's it for my noteworthy passages.

Love Jail is all good, yet while there's not a bad moment, there's too little that raises it head above its average. Suitable for spurring on happy vibes while on in the background in the morning of a bright spring day perhaps, but maybe not one that'll be reached for too often otherwise.


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