Shit the Cow Cavelord

Thu 21st December 2017


/incoming/shitcave.jpgninehertz favourites Shit the Cow - that name, like Birds in Row, still sits there, flumoxing, like a purposefully bad translation done to amuse or annoy - are happily prolific, and joyously consistent in their own world of post hardcore, stoner and punk. Cavelord, their seventh release, carries on that tradition.

The start is Resolve/Resist - a nod to Sepultura? - perfect 'Cow, somewhere between Helmet, noise rock and the weirdy litheness of Girls Against Boys. Twist and Shout rides along on a wave of dry cool, Nick Cave writing with one of the Californian generator bands, Fatso Jetson say. The lounge sax that accompanies Shelter is, unbelievably, fitting, and fantastic.

It's not like they're trying to be cool, this isn't the zeitgeist, nor hipsterish calculated dives into arenas of acclaim, just a sense of four Swedish dudes playing music to their taste, friends jamming, creating and having a good time whilst doing so. Burning Man, my personal highlight, showcases this, a song that flows effortlessly along for its mere two minutes, conjuring thoughts of everyone from the Undertones, to Quicksand and Queens of the Stone Age.

There's a sense of steady elation and satisfaction that comes with each new Shit the Cow release. They may not break new ground, but you're always happy that they're out there, somewhere, amusing themselves, and inducing happiness in others with little nuggets of gold.


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