Aversio Humanitatis Longing for the Untold

Sun 19th February 2017


/incoming/avershuman.jpgMadrid's Aversio Humanitatis have tapped into some dark strain of magic, narcotic or perhaps unchecked wallowing misanthropy here, this short release pitched perfectly and with a suitably bold production, bridging between the realms of the most fucked up and innovative influences within death and black metal.

On the title track there are reminders to the demonic deranged arrangement of their compatriots Altarage, but maybe more Grave Miasma's death metal-as construed from an other world in feel. It's magnificent. Prision of Shattered Glass follows, Oranssi Pazuzu's heavier, less esoterically out-there moments recalled within a wider black/death scope. There is an ever-present noise here and there, not one you'd call psychedelic, but almost animalistic, giving the feeling of life lurking in the surrounding marshes.

Possibly best of all is The Ever Shifting Path, pulling all the above together, a grand extreme world overview that could also reference Bölzer one moment, or even a band such as Altar of Plagues another, as it shifts down gear. Advent of the Inescapable closes, adding in a doom-ish ending to the overflowing palette.

This is only four tracks and barely over 20 minutes long, but as you are immediately dragged in, mesmerised and lost, the unnerving adventure feels a lot longer. Longing for the Untold is a spellbinding journey.


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