Martyrdöd List

Thu 24th November 2016


/incoming/martyrlist.jpgMartyrdöd return, and somehow they've managed to find a new level, a pool of energy and resource from within to elevate them higher than before, more acutely focussed, fervently advancing the cause of crust metal amalgam. List never relents; energy, attack, tempo never wilting, the quality shared evenly throughout.

Överlevaren will blow you back within seconds of pressing play on the album. This is all or nothing, life affirming metallic crust, an unforgiving adrenaline shot. The title track follows, blistering forth, and you'll find yourself swept along in its fervour, a visceral excitement. The second half opens up further with a touch of "Gothenburg-sound" melodicism expertly applied. By now, you know you're locked into the experience of an awe inspiring release.

And from there on it continues along that high line, with many noteworthy highlights - Wipeout's guitar lead focus is fascinating, a war for attention against the impassioned, rough as fuck vocals; Oemotståndlig's punk bravado; Harmagedon's cover all bases metal display. The moments of purer d-beat scene are still present, still crushing, Handlöst fallen ängel the most pertinent example.

For all the plaudits, and obvious admirable advancement toward pastures alone from the crowd, their last album, Elddop, never fully clicked for me. List has me alert and wide eyed from beginning to end. Martyrdöd will attract fans from across the metal spectrum, not just those aligned to the crust ethos they are so closely linked with. As they always have to be honest, but with List that charm will extend further than before.


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