It's Not Night: It's Space Our Birth is But a Sleep and a Forgetting

Mon 18th July 2016


/incoming/itsnot.jpgHere's a new release from the ever enduring, ever endearing Small Stone label, and one to get excited about, to dive into and let it overtake your senses.

The artwork, the name, the track titles point to it - this is deep space exploration from within three halluciogenic minds, a series of journies down starlit paths, brightly daubed surroundings and freeform in route. Entirely instrumental, the tracks are given ample time and space to comprehend their own architecture, to create and expand. Yet there's always a purpose, a kineticism, nary a moment of treading in the dingy bong waters that can drag similar flows into introverted exclusion.

While obviously there's a kinship with the frolics of Wooden Shjips or All Them Witches, this is denser trippy discovery over light hearted shennanigans. Think more to the almost forgotten realms conjured by Quest for Fire or Titan, of the time a decade ago when the stoner/psych hazily blurred fringe was lead boldly by the Kemado or Tee Pee labels. Think of Earthless, for this is akin to absorbing yourself within the San Diego trio's genius.

If I could, I'd take this album out to my nearby Peak District, lie back on the grass, zone out and stare to the night skies. It's Not Night: It's Space continue a grand line, perhaps adding nothing particularly new, but present a welcome new soundtrack to those summer moments, washing over you, absorbingly, vividly colouring your imagination.


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    • Quite liking this Pete, thanks for the recommendation.