Mount Soma Origins

Wed 13th April 2016


/incoming/mtorigins.jpgFrom the cover art alone, this is a demo I'm fairly sure is going to be up my street. And so it holds - Dublin's Mount Soma basing the whole release around a vague concept of the origin of and our place within the universe as explained through an LCD laced mind, but doing so while aiming for an amalgamation of doom, sludge, stoner and psych.

The three tracks are lead by Nebula, impressive in it's downcast stoner beginnings that grows on you quickly, each time I run through I find I'm enjoying it more, discovering more. It has a boldness that lends weight. This breaks into a gentle middle, attached astronomical sample to feed the theme. The whole near ten minutes are engrossing.

The closing Lazarus is similar in scope, a touch doomier, while Origin bridges both in a micro hypnosis state, deployed through acoustic guitar and the winds that blow through it.

This is, or was, the first part of an album, released as such to serve as an introduction to Mount Soma and one that already has me looking forward to the full length in the future. Reminiscent of Enos, or Earthmass too, in the sense of the celebration of scientific pioneering allied to a spiritual enlightment of psychedelia, all within a smart mid stoner/doom feel.


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