The Rubber Sound Experiment Me

Sat 12th March 2016


/incoming/rse.jpgIt's not often we'll review a single tune on here.

It's not often a band strike us as worth doing so.

Consider then, how good The Rubber Sound Experiment might be.

Now listen to their four-minute single Me.

Are we wasting our time? Nah, course not.

Brief history lesson, me and a pal were walking around during Tramlines festival about two years ago, a little bored to be honest and looking for quality free stuff in a city which seemed to be crammed full of uni lads and corresponding dreck. We watched some terrible folk singer for about ten minutes, walked past bars full of indie snorefests and then we spotted there was something on upstairs at The Great Gatsby. In a room about the size of a cupboard, The Rubber Sound Experiment were just starting and it was packed. The room had that atmosphere you only really get at a gig that's kind of drunken, but is still taking place in direct sunlight. It's something I don't see enough of any more, it's a giddy feeling you get seeing music that early in the day.

Anyway, to cut a long review short, they were excellent, young but not clumsy with it, they ploughed through a grungey set, but ended with what I recall was a post-rock-esque belter. It seems that after their formative gigs, the lads discovered the more epic, beautiful side of the coin and they've been getting progressively more... introspective since.

Their recent shows have been fantastic, and it leads me to this song. In short, it couldn't be a more accurate depiction of a band that knows exactly where it wants to be, the vocals are a mix between grunge gravel and desperate, elevated wildness and the stop-start nature of the accompanying music shows their sense of dynamics shining through and taking them to new places.

Who knew that four minutes could take you through pop-punk jangliness and heavy-set muscular riffage? Seems The Rubber Sound Experiment did...

Check their other material out on their bandcamp, we promise it's worth it...


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