Art of Burning Water / Harrowed Split 7"

Tue 23rd February 2016


/incoming/aobwharrowed.jpgCould Art of Burning Water be any more prolific? It seems I take my eye off the ball for a second and they are back with another release. Seemingly with no drop in quality either.

Their versatile nature always blows my head clean off, witness grinding and positively evil-sounding opener Let Me Let You Finish which takes longer to type out than it does for them to play. Blasting, croaky vocals and their usual deftness of hand impresses immediately.

In fact their side of the split could have well been pressed twice, the songs register at just over four minutes. A perfect little slice of unpleasantness.

Harrowed carve out similarly paced and engaging content for their side of the slab, with some pretty meaty off-kilter sections in opener Twenty Ten that stamp out their brief but effective ideas with aplomb.

Second cut Confined rages along at a similar pace, sounding not unlike the faster moments of the late, great Cursed, packing in spit-flecked vocals towards a chaotic ending that clatters the whole affair to a close.

A short review for a short release, who cares when the sounds are this good?


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