Containment Demo 2015

Thu 30th April 2015


/incoming/containm.jpgEver felt the vice-like grip of doubt on your shoulder? Ever felt like you couldn't keep the lid on? Ever had to bite your tongue so hard you thought your teeth might go through? Been jealous? Felt murderous rage? Had to take yourself elsewhere to calm down? Seen your hopes dashed in minutes?

So it seems have Containment.

That name throws you a few curveballs too, is it containment of anger and rage? The shades of Iron Lung speed-freakery here would suggest that, or perhaps it's of a disease, squaring off personal borders to stop negative thoughts pouring out. Self-imposed quarantine.

This London three-piece barely scrape a quarter hour with this release, but do lots to convince you that this brevity is all they need. There's a wide scope wrapped within, hints of 90s HC one moment, the stinging burst of level-headed European screamo at another, all the while balancing blunt trauma with a subtle nuance that says there's more going on here that can be fathomed with one listen.

The screamed/moaned vocals are dejected and desperate and carry on the mysterious aesthetic the cover art and oblique song titles hint at.

If we hear further material from Containment, will we understand more?

Hopefully, until then, this demo serves as a searing introduction to a dark, convulsing beast of a sound.


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