Isolation Tank Isolation Tank EP

Sat 28th March 2015


/incoming/isotank.jpgI love Ronseal bands. If a band says they are power violence and then simply turn out to be exactly that, life is good.

In ten minutes the two members of Isolation Tank perform feedback-laced lessons in FUCK OFF.

They've previously released a demo and have split with Art of Burning Water, which might suggest the pedigree of noise on offer here. The likes of Bleat Obedience simply stand up, shake you about the room by the collar and set you down rattled and unsure of where to go next.

The churn and turmoil contained in these concentrated blasts is refreshing, in that way waking from a nightmare can be. Among the fast sections are those great sludge moments you get in music of this nature, the end of I Wish To Expire contains misery, compacted into the grooves.

Deadening, blunt and dangerous, Isolation Tank.


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