Deaf Proof Death Sounds Angry

Mon 13th October 2014


/incoming/deafproof.jpgHailing from Freiburg, Germany, Deaf Proof produce a racket that's both meaty and psychedelic in equal measure.

Cranking their bass levels to crunch mode, it's perhaps the inherent stoner rock tropes you'll notice at first, but that bass cuts through perfectly. There's Kyuss influences here for sure, but to label them as copyists seems lazy and a little insulting. There is a much more driven and determined groove at work here, with sections blending into each other with ease.

The slinking groove that opens the gargantuan second track Origin of Pain sets the precedent for this hulking 18-minute beast. Entering quiter sections, this is where stoner rock turns prog in the best way possible. Some pretty interesting drum tattoos also keep things engaging while the guitars enter a slow burn.

It slowly builds up again, with a fantastic basslines underpinning everything while it reaches a euphoric high.

Closing track The Sense is a slower, but more deliberate effort, with riffs ruminated on and developed subtly and incrementally. Vocals here also sound epic and almost pained, a real sense of catharsis pervading the release.


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