Baba Naga Baba Naga

Mon 22nd September 2014


/incoming/babanaga.jpgI've been banging on about Baba Naga a bit of late on the forums here and elsewhere, ever since seeing them live supporting Throne. Being blown away by a band live, in the flesh, unexpectedly like we were that night is one of the true thrills of being a music obsessive. I downloaded this two track demo a while back, but thought it about time I write up a review.

Hailing from the ninehertz home city of Sheffield, I actually don't know much about the band beyond their music, but even with the brevity of the offering here it's all you need to know. This is psychedelic heavy rock goodness, a trip into the haze, one that would sit comfortably on the label rosters of Bad Afro or Elektrohasch. Both tracks deliver an aural space cake fixed grin through riff and solo, with Popo Bawa, with it's beautiful airy vocals, providing the more immediate titillation.

It doesn't match the base charge created by the live experience, but it's never the less magnificent. Free to download (there isn't even an option to pay what you like), there's no excuse not to indulge.


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