Space Witch / Trollkraftt Wychkrafft

Wed 4th June 2014


/incoming/wychkraftt.jpgWhat we have here is a nice, two track, song-a-piece CD and download release pairing of two British sludge bands, short and sweet.

What I like about Space Witch is that you think you have them nailed before listening - instrumental stoner with a trippy edge - yet every time you come back to them they're more varied than you remember and so much heavier. Worship is no exception, dark, gloomy and sludgy, all covered in a pyschedelic smog that for all the bands seemingly doing a similar thing, especially the vocal-less, sounds different, and on the whole somehow plain better. Acid-spiked bong-water doom goodness.

This is my first aural experience of Trollkraftt, and theirs is a blunter metallic sludge take. The vocals feel like a goblin reading a night time story guaranteed to deliver nightmares. There are suitably horror-film sounding samples and noises throughout - something tells you they're not overly serious (the track name for example - Magic Ian) but it's never done as pastiche and comes across stylishly and enjoyable.

So there it is, another split release from another two exponents of doom bands from these isles, and yet again another resounding success.


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