Blackdroid Ark Of Our Covenant EP

Tue 18th March 2014


/incoming/blackdroid.jpgBlackdroid are a three-piece from Southend, which apparently is influence enough to produce a short, to the point EP which carries a shitload of ideas in its eight minutes' duration.

The title track sprints forth from the off, carrying with it shades of Torche, but also of more angular bands like Daughters, J R Ewing, early Humanfly and The Locust. The guitars cut irregular shapes against the backdrop of yelped vocals produced with a loud-hailer level of scratch and paint-peeling intensity.

Taking nods from both Hydrahead rosters of old as well as screeching post hardcore depths, the title track is worth a purchase alone. It also veers smoothly towards the end into a prog-like jam segue, pretty damn crushing.

This Lying Tongue Divides struts in with a similarly crunching gait, the vocal inflections are spot on, bringing to mind Keelhaul or bands of a similarly tongue-in-cheek approach. If this was a school report, Blackdroid would get full marks for delivery, but we would have to call their parents in for overall attitude adjustment. This is snotty stuff, but in a wholly likeable way. The relative calm of the second half of the track opens up potential we'd love to see on further material.

Why just two tracks? Can we hear more please? And soon?


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