Good Willsmith The Honeymoon Workbook

Thu 20th March 2014


/incoming/willsmith.jpgBike spokes/ mewlinganimals/television static/tin cans/distant field recordings of speech/a mangle/phasers/twittering birds/A choir gone wrong/alien landscapes/radio tuned to dead/Infomercial muzak/speed alterations/An insistent voice through the ether/

Whistles/over-layering and distortion/Boards of Canada?/chaos contained/arcade machines spewing out copper coins/plastic prizes just out of grasp/fairground grease food smell/sweet candy floss/insert coin/GAME OVER/

Feedback overload/shimmering light/suspension of disbelief/Rolf Harris stylophone?/the fog descends/loops/loops/loops/loops/fresh look at feedback/1950-1960 film archive plunder/calm walk by the lake/breathing keyboard/blurred focus/pan out to shots of countryside/choral spectres

looming large/rustling paper bags to fill the silence/moans emerge from the closed asylum/telephone messaging system/you have no new messages/the caller has cleared/jumbled speech/scatter/scatter/scatter/cartoon telephone voice/two note piano/circuit benders/circuit breakers/wind breakers/beach towel time/sand in your flight case/the clashing tones of black metal/printer gone bust/printer ribbon ripped/strings tortured/bust/bust/calling out into the darkness/grabbing rough shapes/dirt


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