Limb Limb

Wed 19th March 2014


/incoming/limbalbum.jpgLimb to my mind epitomise everything good about the exuberant and snowballing UK doom scene today - a potent concoction of the styles and genres we all know and love with a fresh slant, sounding alive and youthful, a band with a positive and productive mindset. And that's not to say they don't bring the doom or the heavy, at times fierce in their part-sludge deluge, they pack a punch without overloading the tracks with layers of post production impenetrable asphyxiation of doom noise effect.

This is their debut full length to be released on New Heavy Sounds, containing tracks from their Witch Hunter Records demo and Gift of the Sun 7" from last year, but with plenty of new material to get stuck into . Eternal Psalm Part I showcases all that is good with it's wise and knowing maturity displayed in the opening riff, lusciously gratifying for the listener.

Limb are all about the groove, transcending them above many a decent but lesser band ploughing the sludge doom line. Their captivation lies in marrying a sludge and doom palette on to the lighter canvas of stoner. Listen to the superb Night and Void for proof - beneath the gravelly vocals lies a mighty fine and cultivated stoner rock song as good as anything from the genre in years.

That instinctive groove runs right through - the sludgier moments (such as LXXXVI) are more Bongzilla than say, Grief, with riffs to make you dance as they hammer a beat through your skeleton. It all fits together smoothly and intuitively, making this an album that is easy to listen to, and one you'll come back to again and again. I held high hopes for Limb leading up to this release, and I'm happy to report that it fulfills their promise expertly.


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