Wooden Shjips Back to Land

Tue 17th December 2013


/incoming/backtoland.jpgSurf bums. Pina Coladas. Water. Lemon juice in your hair to make it more blonde. Coke with ice. Watermelons. Radio mics. Neon lettering painted on a damp and faded stump of wood saying 'to the beach'. A balloon floating off from a child's hand. Holidays when you were small.

Hotdogs with a double stripe of mustard and ketchup. Beer in bottles so cold there's condensation running down the sides. A chain link fence in front of the stage. Men selling sunglasses on the sand. A warmer climate than you're used to.

A desert island. Sun visors. Beach Boys - Pet Sounds. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless. Pineapples falling out of a wooden crate. A hot rod. Bikers chilling before heading home. Sipping drinks through straws. A shirt open to the waist. Beach balls. Skatch?

Muscle cars. Scooters. No shade (but that's cool). Heatwave visions. Forgetting about the real world for a bit. Cliff Richard? Pink haze for a sunset. Miami Vice. The ghost of Lou Reed eating Greek yoghurt with honey. Fifty different flavours of ice cream. Sand so hot it burns. Crabs (the good kind). Candy floss. Popcorn. Hammond Organs.

Fresh lemonade. Lilt? Windbreakers. Jet skis. Sparkling ocean with the sun glinting off it. Driving for fun. Mirages. Sandstorms. Phasers.

Can albums. Neu! albums. Forgotten surf rock records in leather cases.

One of the best albums this year.


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    •  mikemike
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    •  CareyCarey
    • I heard that this album was rubbish. But your review has changed my mind. Not even going to listen to the songs, just read this review again and again.
    •  mikemike
    • I love it, hardly anything happens.
    •  PetePete
    • I love the album. And the review. Good work Mike.