Beast as God Beast as God

Tue 10th December 2013


/incoming/beastasgod.jpgMembers of Moloch and Dead in the Woods playing Catharsis-inspired hardcore? Do I really need to say any more? Ok then, I will.

Vocals: Screeched and I'm guessing are Jeremie from Dead in the Woods, he has that raw, horrible throat-scratching thing going on. Like a dog trapped in a bag, panicking.

Guitars: There's some dual stuff going on here and the tone is 90s 90s 90s, like, Ed the Duck fucking 90s. If you need reference points, think of the mid-paced tone that Napalm Death used to flaunt, but with a rougher edge.

Bass: Ditto.

Drums: Erm, someone here has mad skills, I never say mad skills but blimey charlie this guy is pummelling the horseshit out of these here.

Lyrics: Suitably bleak and horror-filled. Who can resist lines like This plays against a dark Background/All painted black – hopeless/ No hope left – blackness/ Abandon all hope. Give up, give up.

It's like the void is not only staring back at you, but is clawing a piece of your flesh off, talons working their way down to the bone for the most meat they can rip off. Truly harsh.

Eulogie is spat out in Jeremie's native tongue, now my French isn't great, but lines like Ce sont mes sœurs et mes frères tombés d’un ciel en flamme reek of damnation and shrouded black figures.

Delivery: On cassette for the full effect I reckon, but you can stream it via bandcamp below. You'll also no doubt be able to catch them at Stuck On A Name in Notts soon enough.

Ten on ten.


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