David Wenngren Les Revenants

Fri 29th March 2013

Mac U

/incoming/revenants.jpgDidn't really know what to expect from Les Revenants by David Wenngren. The Bandcamp header displays a small bony man pictured hunched over a piano with an altar in the background and some mineral water in the foreground. Like a spectre on the wrong side of the red cordon in a tiny provincial manor house.

I think Les Revenants means ghosts or zombies or something and as this record is very creepy, I suppose its aptly titled! Unfortunately it's fairly persistent, dour noise drone. I'm trying, but find it hard to be genuinely enthused by it.

The second part sounds a bit more shimmering and hopeful, but just sounds like an organ through effects- future church music huh? I don't know and after the best part of an hour I don't really care.

If you are a collector or especially interested in organ based drone it might be for you, however I found it quite predictable.


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