Syntax Error Friendship Loyalty Computers

Thu 14th February 2013


/incoming/syntaxerroralbum.jpgPrimus-esque bass accompany guitar oodling before breaking into the funkiest head nodder of a riff to form the introduction to Friendship Loyalty Computers, the aptly named Introduction. Syntax Error are French wizards of angular groove, littering their music with various instruments, punk attitude, awkward direction changes and a good deal of fun.

Syntax Error share a spiritual love of the bizarre with Germans Volt and Dyse - if you know and love those bands then check in here. As ever with music like this, for all the freshness and energy, there are moments with too much going on, too much messing around where the focus on creating great songs seemingly gets demoted down the band's list of priorities.

It lacks the songs, depth and nous of another Exile on Mainstream roster pointer, Beehoover, who have shown how to evolve and flower from this base set of musical strangeness, but is never anything less than intriguing. It's a blur of energy that has snippets here and there that can thrill, although it's worth noting that the jolt to your senses provided by Introduction isn't really replicated. Still, worth checking in for that; then, well, you may as well stay and enjoy the fun and bluster there after.


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