Soul Thief Funk City Revolutions

Fri 19th October 2012


/incoming/phpfxvTytAM.jpgFinest English Psychedelic Stoner Space Funk Rock, decide on one and that will be your thing, that's too many. Too many things.

That's my advice in terms of genre specification for this trio. To me it's stoner rock with a chilled out, blissed vibe. They mention they might sound like the urgh... Red Hot Chilli Peppers in their bio but this is an untruth, this band are good.

It's got more in common with the quiet, trippy and noodling sections of 70s rock than the sound of millionaires flapping around past their sell-by date playing slap bass and rapping about CAL EE FOR NYE AY. Think Hendrix, Spacegrass by Clutch or Planet Caravan by Sabbath. It's the stoned, stripped back sound of a Sunday afternoon and even lyrics about jailbreaks and other exciting activities sound like a nice cup of tea and a sit down, which is nice.

It's all very relaxed and not what I expected from the cover art, which suggested generic stoner rock rather than this intriguing and relaxing listen. You'll not be bothered that they seem to have left the distortion pedals at home or that it never reaches a higher bpm than reaching for another slice of pizza as you'll be too soothed to care.

Great for a debut, can't wait to see where these guys head next. Go and grab it here.


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