Space Mirrors In Darkness They Whisper

Tue 26th June 2012


/incoming/idtw-cover_1400x.jpgIt's times like this I despair, with a name like that you need to be stoner rock in the most cosmic sense.

Instead Space Mirrors appears to be a solo Russian chap who has gone from tinkering alone to making a whole band (including someone who was in Hawkwind once) tinker about with him. It's camp, keyboard-led and borders on the ridiculous.

Influenced by HP Lovecraft, Space Mirrors' vocalist endlessly speaks lines over the jaunty metallic mess that is kind of like the aural equivalent of a vampire wearing a Living Colour shirt. The Russian accent gives him a Count Dracula sound, which isn't helped by the constant baritone notes he plumbs the depths with. With guitar pedals set to 'inoffensive gothic' as well it's very hammy, very cheesy and about as scary as a milky tea.

/incoming/goffik.jpgThe music veers between King Diamond and a midi keyboard demo at times, all with that emotionless vocal. Leads peal away in the background apparently dismembered completely from song form or content. I'm considering this was recorded in different time zones because none of it seems linked.

The more you listen, the more it becomes like the background music to a geocities site circa 1998, solos continue to creep out of nowhere, changing time signatures of their own free will, before stopping abruptly and then starting up with a different effect on.

I'm really going to have to stop now as I can't breathe. Look at the picture.


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    •  mikemike
    • Add your comments here!
    •  axtenguyenaxtenguyen
    • AHAHAH sorry I was not able to pass by this review :-D
      I was laughing a lot! Russian accent, at once visible that the critic is constructive and not just based on some bad mood, racism or other issues like these (sarcasm, eh!).
      I know this Martyr Lucifer guy because of Hortus Animae and I can assure that he is not Russian at all (but Italian) and by default can't have a Russian accent, and then the fun continues because Count Dracula was not Russian too, Romania has nothing to do with it! Eh modern cultured people :-D
      Anyway, jokes apart, I didn't hear this album so I can tell nothing but what I've heard in youtube is kind of nice, the music is good and yes the guy has some accent but I'd say it even adds something, cheers! Axten.
    •  mikemike
    • I maintain this is perhaps the worst album we've ever been sent since starting the site around 7 years ago. He may not be russian, but the lines are delivered in that clipped way that suggested he might be.

      As for racism, mentioning accents is in no way a derogatory element of the review, the only negatives mentioned are about the music itself.
    •  RageofKlugmanRageofKlugman
    • At the risk of sounding picky, although Count Dracula was technically Romanian we all think of him as talking like Bela Lugosi (who was in the old Dracula films in the 30s). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the very distinct impression that Bela Lugosi had a very strong Hungarian accent, rather than Romanian.

      Carry on.
    •  GarethGareth
    • Anyone who registers a username just to criticise a review has already lost the argument. Internet rules.
    •  MazzMazz
    • Is it better than DOWN?