Necro Deathmort The Colonial Script

Tue 22nd May 2012


/incoming/deathmort.jpgHow can a mind that plays such bonerific jams in Astrohenge concieve of something so primordial and dark?

Necro Deathmort, for the uninitiated are a duo who make doom-laden noise, via electronica and sampling, one of them is in stoner rock heroes Astrohenge too.

Their sound is as frosbitten as the darkest black metal, but with the added frisson of unnerving electronica staring back at you. Taking you on a journey to the depths of sound, some of it is akin to the original score to the PC game Quake sequenced by none other than Trent Reznor himself. However this is a much more serious proposition, that rigid digital filter is colliding here with guitars that are thick with effects and burnt out amps. When vocals arrive, they are heralded by fittingly overarching guitar fronds, enveloping the screams within a realm of static.

Do these two hold down day jobs? If they do, I worry about people's mail or IT systems, or their food, whatever these guys do, they shouldn't work with people. This is a sound dreamt up on the darkest drives, in the most thunderous of moods. You know when the sky clouds over? When even the birds seem scared to be up there? This is the sound they no doubt hear, a slow-moving behemoth, spitting fire and ice at random over trees, shrubs and anything that moves.

There's a definite black metal influence afoot and its not just the guitar buzzing away in that disembodied sense. It's the misanthropy and stale breath creeping out the speakers, curling up in a swirl of acrid smoke. Necro Deathmort are not afraid to just push their evil upon you, unpleasant as that sounds.

Live i imagine this hurts, bathed in fog, this would be an equally terrifying sight to behold, both for fans of ridiculous noise and casual fans alike.

Approach with caution, real caution, this is the aural equivalent of an unsettling ouija board.


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