Tree Of Sores A Cry Of Despair

Sun 15th April 2012


/incoming/743 by 743 front.jpgTree Of Sores are back with a challenging, but rewarding listen.

'A Cry Of Despair' is a 27-minute journey of sorts, taking in several 'movements' it's a more dense affair than previous material and not as direct, but it still sounds innovative, intelligent and bulging with tension-filled rage.

With not as many vocals as the previosuly released, self-titled EP, this single track contains much more in the way of subtle momentum, with parts sounding almost post-metal in delivery.

We're talking a scruffed-up Pelican vibe here, but by no means at their sometimes-glacial pace. The transitions between movements rarely feel forced and comes across as a planned, strident beast, rather than simply a 27-minute jam.

The moments of calm-before-the-storm are perhaps more effective than your average crescendo build up, there's no obvious point at which you can imagine the band looking at each other before stamping in unison on their newly acquired Boss Distortion pedals. Rather it is a more elongated and triumphant process, particularly at around the 19-minute mark as it builds to bursting point, before bubbling down to a single guitar wringing out the mileage on the riff before another takes its place.

In all, it's a real progression from their initial rumblings and I'm glad to hear a more unique and honed identity developing from this threesome. More of the throat-shredding vocals would be welcome as they are so ripping and fit the aesthetic so well, but that's a minor gripe, 'A Cry Of Despair' is an uplifting, epic and genre-defining release.

To my great personal shame, I am still yet to see ToS live, so maybe Witch Hunter Records or the band themselves can get me balcony seats for their next show?

Look out for pre-orders soon.


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      1. Tree of Sores - A Cry of Despair 27:41

      Tree Of Sores return to the fray, with their 2nd release, A Cry Of Despair, which follows on from their debut self-titled EP.

      Hailing from Leeds, the band deal in epic, dark and ambient soundscapes moving from moments of sombre refelection to unrelenting nightmare. Forgoing the traditional verse/chorus/verse format, Tree Of Sores have opted for 1 song that weighs in at 28 minutes long, and features around 6 or 7 riffs or movements. For fans of Neurosis, Pelican and Wolves In The Throne Room.

      Limited to 250 copies, this CD comes in a clear sleeve with a 240mm X 240mm double-sided print that showcases the art of Black Uroborus. It is also available as pay-what-you-want download through Bandcamp, and the traditional digital outlets like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

      Recorded and produced by Ross Halden at Ghost Town Studios (Rolo Tomassi, Castrovalva, Hawk Eyes), Leeds
      Mastered by Jonny Teanby at Fragment Mastering
      Main artwork and layout by Black Uroborus
      Reverse background by Richard Thomas
      Logo on reverse by Tony Shephard

      Matt Faragher - Guitar & Vocals
      Ben Hague - Drums
      Joe Hall - Bass