Capillaries Into the History of Light

Sat 14th April 2012


/incoming/historylight.jpgMessage Log:- Gareth Hughes to Mike Shields

Re: Capillaries EP

Friday 13/4/12 17:23

Hi Mike, thanks for sending me the link to the Capillaries EP for review. I'll give it a listen when this evening. G

Friday 13/4/12 17:42

Mike, I'm 3 tracks in and I'm a little confused. Can you check the release date for me please? The website says 2012 but the first 3 tracks are really obvious post rock. I mean REALLY obvious. I'm sure it's just a typo. Should say '2002' I reckon, this kind of thing has been done so much by now no-one can still be passing it off as new music. Thanks.

Friday 13/4/12 17:44

Thanks for the quick reply. January 2012 eh? Wow. Well points for bravery if nothing else. Get a nice chord progression, arpeggiate the crap out of it, delay, reverb, ask the other guitarist to tremolo pick a melody line over the top..... Yeah it sounds nice but it's at least 12 years late to the party. I mean track 4 was pretty good, it had some nice skittery drum work and a decent bass riff, and the guitars were doing that swelling noise I like and then playing pretty nicely off each other in the other bits. A bit of a late surge though with only 1 track left. There's still hope for it with the last track so I won't write it off yet.

Friday 13/4/12 17:46

Haha Mike, look -> Lol puppy is tired.

Sorry, my attention wandered.

Friday 13/4/12 17:55

Mike, I'll level with you. We're both musicians (well, you're a singer) and I hate giving bands a hard time but I'm struggling with this one. It's not bad and it sounds like they're playing music for the enjoyment but who is this album for? Is anyone going to hear this and have their eyes opened to the vast new world of post rock? Maybe I'm old and jaded but I'd heard everything these guys did many times before.

Friday 13/4/12 17:56

I don't have time to type up a proper review, it's Friday. I'm going to get pizza.

Friday 13/4/12 17:57

You have the message log Mr Editor, EDIT.


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    •  PodgePodge
    • If only the cd was as awesome as this review.
    •  GarethGareth
    • The artwork is nice and 'Lumens' was a good track. But yeah, I listened to the whole thing twice for the review and found myself resenting it the 2nd time.
    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • A++++++
      would read again