Off! Off!

Sat 17th March 2012


/incoming/poster.jpgHere's a blast of 16 songs in 16 minutes, all raging punk nihilism from members of Black Flag, Burning Brides, Red Kross, Earthless and Hot Snakes.

As you'd expect from that selection of talent, it's pretty damn good, part surf-rock, part snotty 70s punk, its simple, powerful and just a lot of fun.

It's not just three-chord nonsense either, each tune fires into something new, but they all share a sense of speed and to-the-point purpose.

Singer Keith Morris has a Jello Biafra-style vibrato at points and his vocals recall all that's great about the Americanised punk sound, clearly-enunciated but still aggressive and threatening. I can imagine they are ripping up stages they are gracing at this year's SXSW festival and apparently Rolling Stone have named them as ones to watch.

This self-titled release is worth investigating purely for the song 'King Kong Brigade' alone, with the line 'I want to club yeah, like a baby seal' being a particular highlight, the track fading out with the sounds of apes going wild.


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    •  mikemike
    • Add your comments here!
    •  PetePete
    • 16 songs in 16 minutes by an Earthless member! When I saw Earthless first time, it felt like days passed between songs.
    •  mikemike
    • I think he must have had to hurry up for this, it's well good.
    •  basstardbasstard
    • The best band I saw last year, really superb. The 4 EPs were excellent and this is top of my must-buy list.
    •  Tino InsanaTino Insana
    • Really enjoyed what I've heard so far. Great ideas and it always helps to have a fantastic drummer. On the list...
    •  pull-my-plonkerpull-my-plonker
    • Who's in them from Earthless? Is it Mario? One of the best drummers I've ever seen.
    •  JackJack
    • The speed thing isn't too suprising with his background, wikipedia says:

      notable as a member of numerous rock bands including Thingy, Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Earthless, the Sultans, and Off!
    •  GarethGareth
    • Hitting the road with Refused, but only in the states.