The Melvins The Bride Screamed Murder

Wed 14th July 2010


/incoming/melvinsbride.jpgI started writing a typical review of this album, but it sounded like such an untypical album, I thought I'd approach it from a different stance, here is what each track on The Melvins new album 'The Bride Screamed Murder' reminds me of:

1. The Water Glass - This sounds like a train setting off, dragging Dale and Coady's drumkits behind it with no care for how much they cost while Buzzo and the rest of the band perform a camp acapella vocalisation that wouldn't be out of place on a West End stage.

2. Evil New War God - Buzzo proclaims himself a God while the others nod in agreement, a very traditional Melvins jam that has far too much cowbell (yes it is possible). Turns all science fiction b-movie towards the end with some organ and some freeform jazz explosions via percussion wanderings.

3. Pig House - Navajo Indians send smoke signals out while The Melvins play through Red Dead Redemption on their tourbus.

4. I'll Finish You Off - The spirits of the still-dead members of the Beach Boys enter the minds of The Melvins for a track laced with high-pitched vocals and hammond organ, a truly epic track that can only get better with repeated plays, really nice.

5. Electric Flower - A generic track in the truest sense of the word, immediately recognisable as Melvins, but all the more boring for it, no surprises on an album full of them, weird.

6. Hospital Up - A laid-back country-esque romp that brings to mind a more punk-inclined Earth. Features Dalek-like vocal effects, which can never be a negative, surely. This particular track would come up trumps on a long drive. To where is your choice, but you'll have a good time on the way.

7. Inhumanity and Death - Snotty and unpleasant, this sounds way more punk than any other track here to begin with, then becomes a drum workout, then becomes a stoner rock monster, and ends with the sound of a dragon breathing.

8. My Generation - A Melvinsified take on the old Who classic, imagine Daltrey and co on downers on Sesame Street, whacky but not in a 'look at us eh?' way. The riff snakes up and down the fretboard in a tired way but this sounds cool. I imagine it'd sound good through PA speakers at a sludge gig. Fades to an elongated and unessecary end, lovely.

9. pgx3 - This is an old Candian folk song and has been performed by a million different people under its real name 'Peggy Gordon'. This take on it is drenched in acapella'd reverb and has an incredibly haunting quality. Would do well with a promo video of docks and still shots of the moon.


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    •  Amy BAmy B
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    •  basstardbasstard
    • Got to say I found this album pretty disappointing; too much arsing about (the My Generation 'cover' was probably funny in the studio after taking lots of drugs but it's just a waste of time to me) and not enough proper songs. Opening with an army-drill style call and response might be effective at a sweaty gig but on disc it's just annoying.
      Don't get me wrong, there are some great moments, I just think it would have made a good EP if they knocked all twattery on the head. Perhaps they've been spending too much time with Mike (I AM A CHALLENGING 'ARTIST' DAMMIT) Patton. I think he's a dick.
      I love the Melvins but this and Nude with Boots really didn't do much for me.
    •  MageMage
    • I have to agree with basstard, I just really can't get along with this. Although, I don't blame Patton, the Melvs have always had a bit of a desire to destroy/divide any fanbase they might have built with an album of awkwardness (see 'Prick';). It's a shame, as there's some real good riffs secreted among the dicking about. I know they'd get flak for stagnating if they came up with another disc a la (A) Senile Animal or Nude with Boots, but this is just a few steps too far away for me. I'd like them to strip back down to a trio again, lose the gimmicky dual drummer thing and get back to basics.
    •  OllieOllie
    • Here's my review from The Sleeping Shaman

    •  mikemike
    • So too much experimental for you lot then? I thought the more 'Melvins' sounding ones were too derivative and safe!
    •  basstardbasstard
    • I wouldn't call it experimental, more just pissing about.
      I haven't got a problem with them or anyone else trying something different but too much of this album seemed directionless and unfocussed. Maybe I just expect too much from them based on past glories?
    •  OllieOllie
    • basstard says:
      I wouldn't call it experimental, more just pissing about.
      I haven't got a problem with them or anyone else trying something different but too much of this album seemed directionless and unfocussed. Maybe I just expect too much from them based on past glories?

      Yeah it's kind of forced and pointless as opposed to interesting.
    •  memnonmemnon
    • I think like most Melvins stuff, its a total grower. Pretty typical with Melvins i think, I love pretty much all their stuff, but not one album i thought was particularly special on first listen.
      I'm really surprised that Senile Animal and Nude With Boots wasn't floating many peoples boats, i reckon they're two of the best to date.

      The big business collabo thing works so well. The vocal harmonies are off the hook, the two drum thing sounds amazing- i dont think its ever been gimmicky at all, there's lots of "solo" drum sections on both those albums, but Dale Crover pretty much always did that sort of shit on most of their old stuff, which was also dope. Melvins have always been realllly innovative with drums on recordings, makes sense to try new stuff!
      Im not so keen on the my generation thing cause i detest The Who, BUT at least its not like some straight cover or something. Anyway, i'd give it another bash if you gave up already.