Loud Howls 2010 The Gaff, London, 10/04/2010

Tue 13th April 2010


/incoming/loudhowls.jpgWhere: The Gaff, Holloway Road, London.

When: 10th-11th April 2010.

What: Snack-A-Jack Dickinson assembles a snarling, beefy, sweaty, mish-mash-up of live stoner/prog/sludge/doom/psych/rock n’ roll for all of London Town to enjoy, along with fine ales, beautifully immature banter and glorious sunshine!


Pull My Plonker

Jack Attack

Wicked Westicle

Trippy Pierre

Richard The King

James MORRELL Morrell

Bad Admiral

Slack Mammoth

Donald and Jayne-ald

Oliver Grifter

AnTonyo Garcia

Marek Wizard

Jimmy Parker

Sean of Silence

…and about 20 bands

…and about 150 others.

Bands seen:


Bodokwe – Warm up the early-nerds very nicely with their instrumental Tool-esque sweep on jazz-funk and prog rock with added chunky grooves.

Stubb – The Mark II line-up delivers a fine lesson in well-written rock and roll with hazy, haunting vocals.

Suns of Thunder – The Brighton Boys are here to have fun, and extending the stage into the sweat-pit, that is what they do, whilst bringing their fast-paced Hammond-organ-drenched boogie-a-thons to North London with class.

Domes of Silence – Well drilled, and straight-up riffage, suitably complimented by assured drumming and Sean’s gritty, focused vox.

Alunah – Despite a slightly disjointed set, these Brummies sure do have a great bunch of Sabbath-esque songs, with plenty of rumbling low-end and mesmeric high-end female sing-song.

End Of Level Boss – Playing largely experimental new numbers, EOLB demonstrate their classy prog-take on sludge with ease and lap up the crowd’s eager attention.

Grifter – Grifter know how to party, which is good as that’s what everyone wants by 10pm; balls out riffage, relentless tub-thumping and barnstorming-bass – this is Motorhead having a curry with AC/DC!

Sun Gods In Exile – “I’m a fucking American and I want a beer!” – Grifter’s recent tour buddies are determined to enjoy their final UK date and their sweat-drenched Southern Yankie blues bring guffawing and grinning to all in the room.

Outskirts To Infinity – The prog-rock widdlings of these gnarly old boys divides opinion in the room like Marmite; like Yngwie Malmsteen, but with way more pensioners.

EyeHateGod – Obviously not good enough for Loud Howls, they were a no-show and are probably still selling their own gear for weed somewhere in Dagenham.


Berserkowitz – Pummel both the fresh-faced and hungover few alike with their gargantuan High On Fire-ian drone, topped with scorching Iron Monkey-like bellowing.

Gorse – Easily the politest band of the day and top experimental sludge grooves heartily with slick-Rick drumming and desperate, yearning lyricism.

Serpent Venom – Gather a huge crowd for a total old-school doom demolition, showcasing force, power and heritage in their early-Cathedral riffs and barbed-wire-tinged bellowing.

Dead Existence – A scorching tech-metal approach to sludge with a superb frontman and razor-sharp fret-work.

Witchsorrow – Snail-paced yet heavier than Tony Iommi’s pet whale, there is no description to offer here other than DOOM.

Astrohenge – Bat-shit bonkers conkers, multi-genre experts with duel-fuel guitar-attack, 27,648 pedals, doom-organ and probably the best drum work of the weekend.

Dopefight – Tune down and turn up the volume before riffing the crowd senseless for 30minutes – like Saviours drag-racing The Sword.

Koresh – A life-changing experience for pretty much all involved, more out-right male rape than music; scary but happy.

Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight – Take the audience into the palms of their hands and blast them down a blues-soaked kaleidoscope of epic rock landscapes.

Invasion – You want wizards, thrash metal, 60s soul, stoner grooves, burnt drumkits, blistering volume and sublime 90-second songs – look no further.

Charger – Gnarled, grimey, filthy, downtrodden, gutter-metal from the waste-pits of Manchester – fast, churning, gurning rifforamas of the highest order.

IN SUMMARY – Tired, pissed, riffed and bruised in a pub painted black – what a way to spend a weekend!


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