Dead Existence The Unicorn, Camden Road, London, 30/01/2010

Mon 1st February 2010

Support from El Schlong, Kunt-Puncher


Dead Existence closed the 'Stars In Their Arse' night of Tom Jones songs by London underground metal scene regulars. Yes, Tom Jones songs. All well and good, but imagine Tom Jones songs played by decent metal musicians with generally growled vocals and you have the sound for yourself. Amusing enough, but Dead Existence indulged themselves and us with a couple of their own tracks.

I have to say I've been overlooking this band live, as I've noticed them on a few gig listings but been unable to pay full attention until now. Well, they got it. If you're in the room when they play, you're likely to also. A spot of uneasy listening, sir? That'll do nicely.

I thought I'd near-exhausted London's quality Sludge/Doom bands, but when it's played this crushingly and this tight, it's certainly worth a head-bang or two. Not a note wrong - and that includes songwriting as well as playing. Certainly a live one!


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