Rinoa Rinoa

Sat 18th April 2009


/incoming/rinoa145.jpgRinoa are a post metal band from Essex who boast members of now defunct bands Crydebris and Chariots, screamo kids gone all wistful? How does it translate? Well for the most part, rather well, this is their debut EP up for review here, their album should be out soon, so this may not be an accurate statement of where the band are at the moment, but Rinoa seem confused from what is on offer.

The post rock influences stamp themselves firmly on the release from the beginning, a slowly building storm which erupts into a predictably distorted main section, complete with screaming vocals taking a part, but it all seems like it leads to nowhere, there is very little in the way of dynamics and as a result, it seems a little stagnant.

The production shines, there is room for the vocalist to inflect, and the guitars bring to mind the more metalcore and screamo side of the former bands these members were a part of, but perhaps a more cutting, deep and resonant sound could have been captured here.

Sadly what is left tends to drag, feels disjointed and rather empty at times. Lyrically there is not much to go on either, repetition seems to be the order of the day, reflected in the overall uninspiring riffs on display. Definite knowledge of what they are doing, but perhaps their new album will prove more interesting.


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