Matadors Flame The Whisper

Thu 8th May 2008


/incoming/matadorsflame.jpgFirstly, a massive apology to ninehertz, the band and their label as I've had this CD now for God knows how long without ever putting finger to keyboard. Fortunately from the look of the Devil Doll Records website I don't think they've released anything since so at least it still appears to be 'current'. Ish...

So then why has it taken this long? Have I been to busy with other projects? Have I been struggling to find the words to express the greatness of the songs contained on this record?

Err... no. No, it's none of those things unfortunately. The reason behind the ridiculous delay in me finally getting around to this (and I assure you I've tried many a time before) is because I have completely failed to come up with any more constructive description than "S'alright, like... I s'pose..." up to this point.

So is it awful? Well no, not really. Basically, what you get is 16 tracks of poppy, slightly punkish stoner-lite rock music with a slight taste of an almost Latin American swagger about it. Which is fun enough in itself and everything is well played, recorded and generally well put together at least as far as these sort of Nebula-meets-Fu Machu-meets-The Hives-meets-Rocket From The Crypt three minute bounce alongs go.

Unfortunately the entire frankly stupidly long album (seriously, an album and an EP would've been a far better idea for these kind of throw away tunes and value for money be damned!) tends to blur into one very samey blur. There's no two ways around the fact that if your tastes in music stray even slightly outside the fatuous then this record will for the most part slide right on by without ever really catching your imagination.

Chances are this band are probably brilliant live when both you and they are at about the three to four pint mark of the evening but sat by yourself in front of the stereo you really do find yourself wondering if you're gonna make it the whole way through and as the rather overly daft delay in the production of this review is testament to, for this reviewer at least I'd have to say, the answer is almost invariably a "Oh I just can't be fucked" swiftly followed by the CD being changed for something a little more enlivening...

1 - 0 to the bull, me thinks...


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