Beard Of Zeuss (((boz)))

Sun 2nd September 2007


Beard of Zeuss are one of those bands who like to put something a little extra into their releases, coming as this does with a clear CD case with see-through black text for the artwork and a stunning A5 sepia photo of them playing what I can only assume is their local pub - though they should leave off the list of who they have played with from their info pack. Seems many bands these days are too eager to list who they have played with as if it's some kind of achievement that should be applauded - NO, it's your music we're interested in, not that you get on well with the local promoter. Maybe if you had toured with them then that's more of a plus point but being as the business of music is, and with an increasing amount of bands paying on to tours even that these days is hardly an achievement.

So on to Beard of Zeuss themselves, this five track EP kicks off with a short sample and then straight into 'Half Tonne Man'. Now before I go any further, I need to make another detour on another mini rant that applies to all bands... a demo, of which this EP basically is, is exactly that, a demo(nstration) of what the band are capable of, many bands when doing demos like to spend far too much time and money making a demo of what their sound engineer / studio owner are capable of. I've heard many bands that sound bloody rubbish live when their recorded output has been pretty good, and it's all down to their recording guy effectively polishing a turd with 36 layered guitars and a hundred overdubs.

Unfortunately the biggest thing that hits me about 'Half Tonne Man' and the rest of the tracks is that while the songs are pretty good in a heavy stoner almost grind / sludge way at points, the mix on this CD is bloody awful. The drums are way too loud and sound like cardboard and the strings sound like they have been recorded in a different room on an amp that cost a tenner from Argos. Of course this is no reflection on the band, as I stated before, it's a demo of the band not their recording skills and I'm sure with more time, money and backing they could put out a CD of some worth because as it is what they have written especially the rather metallic 'Filth Wizard' shows a lot of promise.


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